Menze-Jan - Lead Engineer

Menze-Jan - Lead Engineer

“What appeals to me is that system components are tested in our own factory, so we can ultimately see what we have made together.”

As Lead Engineer at Houdijk, I manage a team of engineers at a technical and project level. Together, we develop a comprehensive line for our customers. Based on the project scope, which is prepared by System Engineering after an order is placed, I manage a team of engineers to work out all the technical details of a new line. During the design process, I also prepare a plan for testing the new system. What appeals to me is that some system components are tested in our own factory, so we can ultimately see what we have made together.  

As Lead Engineer, you are the focal point because you have extensive contact with all the different departments. For example, I have daily contact with the Software Engineers and with colleagues from the Sales department.

I started at Houdijk in 2013 as a Draughtsman/Structural Engineer. At that time I was looking for a job in a company that offers a challenge and is always innovative. That was certainly offered to me here. There is a pleasant working atmosphere in which there is room for development and where learning through trial and error is not a problem. Colleagues look after one another and all the departments cooperate closely. Everything is well organised. Houdijk employees have good terms of employment, a modern, well-equipped workplace in an attractive building and, of course, friendly colleagues.

From oven to packaging – Worldwide.

Every day, millions of products pass through our feeding and sorting systems on their way from the oven to the packaging division. This is done with the greatest possible efficiency and care. Houdijk has earned a unique international position in this segment. Our mission and our ambition is to be: First in Biscuit Feeding – Worldwide.

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