Martijn - Hardware Engineer

Martijn - Hardware Engineer

“The mutual cooperation is very powerful. I think this is also Houdijk Holland’s strength.”

As Hardware Engineer at Houdijk, you are a real electrical engineer and are always occupied with the design of the electrical control of our machines. The electrical cabinets in the systems and the drives on location form these control systems.

As well as being a Hardware Engineer, I am also a Support Engineer, providing support for current projects. For example, when my colleagues are working on location and are seeking solutions to immediate problems they encounter. They may ask for a circuit diagram to be modified, for example. In my support role, wherever possible I try to ensure that the technicians on site are not burdened with extra work.

What I really enjoy about working for Houdijk is that we continuously seek innovation. This is evident from the fact that two or three new systems are brought on to the market every year. The mutual cooperation is very powerful. I think this is also Houdijk Holland’s strength. Working in project groups also contributes to this success. A challenging new development I have put a lot of work into is our Vision Selector system. The biscuits are selected at high speed using camera images. Rejected biscuits are immediately removed from the line. In this machine everything has been redesigned from scratch. There are months of preparation and detailing in such a project.

Houdijk Holland has a fairly large workforce, all of whom cooperate closely in a good, shared atmosphere. There is always room to do things that suit your interests. Another relevant point is that you get the chance to develop, both as a colleague and as a person.

From oven to packaging – Worldwide.

Every day, millions of products pass through our feeding and sorting systems on their way from the oven to the packaging division. This is done with the greatest possible efficiency and care. Houdijk has earned a unique international position in this segment. Our mission and our ambition is to be: First in Biscuit Feeding – Worldwide.

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