Jeffrey - Supply Chain & Assembly Manager

Jeffrey - Supply Chain & Assembly Manager

“In my job, no two days are the same.”

If there is one company that gives you every opportunity for personal development, then it’s Houdijk Holland. In the four years I have worked here, I have held various positions and have always been properly supervised in these positions. The employees at this company are given room to grow. I started as a Planning Engineer, then became Team Leader of the planning engineering department. After that I was Business Process Manager for a while, being part of a team that was occupied with the optimisation of the ERP system. I have now just been appointed Supply Chain and Assembly Manager. This is a position that did not previously exist in the company, which also shows how flexible Houdijk Holland is. The most important part of this job is supervising all the fitters and coordinating operational purchasing and warehouse logistics.

The team of planning engineers and project buyers is a small group that works on a project basis within a team and with other disciplines such as engineering. They maintain contact, draw up the production schedule and supervise our fitters who are assembling a system on the premises of the customer. In my job, no two days are the same. I explore the technical aspects of a new line for customers and work at project level on various internal improvement projects with many colleagues from other departments. The project groups discuss new plans, with the aim of taking a more detailed view of the processes or working out how to solve certain problems.

Thanks to these and many other varied tasks, and the dynamic nature of the business as a whole, I travel to Vlaardingen with pleasure every day.

From oven to packaging – Worldwide.

Every day, millions of products pass through our feeding and sorting systems on their way from the oven to the packaging division. This is done with the greatest possible efficiency and care. Houdijk has earned a unique international position in this segment. Our mission and our ambition is to be: First in Biscuit Feeding – Worldwide.

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